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I always thought that applying for a visa, especially to somewhere like China where you'd expect they tightly control who comes in and who goes out, that applying for a visa, even a crappy student visa, would take at least... twenty minutes, right? At least. I mean, with all the traffic between the countries, I'm sure you'd have to wait in line for at least ten minutes, not to mention form upon form you have to fill out, which would take another five minutes, and then checking your forms five times once you got there so give or take another five minutes to actually get the person to put your papers in their outbox. That sounds reasonable for a visa application, doesn't it?

Mine took maybe ten minutes, tops. I got there, put my umbrella away, filled out an application form (name, address, contact in China, etc.), walked through where the lines would usually go, handed the person my forms and she got me to sign one thing (which I could have signed beforehand), and she gave me a little pink slip to get my passport back on Friday, and that was it! No joking. It maybe helped that it was pissing down with rain on and off, but still, I expected it to be much more of a palava and much more intimidating than it turned out to be.

The great thing about the pink slip of paper is that it means anyone with the pink slip of paper can pick it up on Friday - ie, my boyfriend can pick it up before work instead of my having to miss work on one of the busiest days to pick it up. Which is pretty awesome!

I also went to the travel agent's to check up on everything, to see if she hadn't found any different fares or anything, but there weren't, so instead I just put down a deposit on the fare she's got me going with - $250 towards the $1800+tax the fare will end up being. Which is pretty good considering I'm stopping over in Taiwan and Hong Kong as well before heading up to China. The only thing I need to do is book accommodation for Hong Kong, but that won't be too hard - my YHA membership is up to date and I've gotten my ISIC updated so everyone knows I'm a student while I'm overseas.

Next thing is to maybe email some people at uni about my honors year. Which is far away, I know, but I like thinking about these things ahead of time. ;)

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Admission Notice.

This is what I've been waiting for.

Not that I didn't know it was coming, but now I can finally get the ball rolling!

Here it is: text and translation, courtesy of my brain, babelfish, and zhongwen.com - they are all my friends :)

Miss Xie Aili from Australia:


We happily inform you, because of your fine application material, my school has resolved to enroll you to live as a language student in the area of Chinese studies specialty. The semester starts on September 1, 2006 and ends February 28, 2007.


If you're willing to cooperate with my country's legal and school rules and regulations, obey the authorities, make friends with various countries' schoolmates, study diligently, then please take this admission notice, the original jw202 form, the original "foreigner medical examination record" form as well as an original AIDS and syphilis blood test report, take this to the People's Republic of China Embassy in Australia to handle the China student (X) or (F) visa.


And from August 25 to September 5, come to Xi'an Jiaotong University for the foreign student department registration. If you cannot register on time, you should inform the school beforehand, otherwise we will register you automatically.

1. 请您一定办理学习签证入境。
1. Please have organized your student entry visa.

2. 入境后,请立即到学校办理报到手续(入境30日内办理留证,逾期公安局要罚款)。
2. When you arrive, please go immediately to the school to go through the registration procedure (you must register within 30 days of entering the country to keep the visa, otherwise you will be taken to the police station and fined).

3. 请准备6张与护照上照片一样大的照片。
4. Please prepare 6 passport-sized photos.


So I've got my instructions, now all I have to do is take it to the uni and get my money, and take the visa application (kindly filled out by the host university) to the consulate, which is right behind uni, and then it's all smooth sailing from there! I am So. Damned. Excited!!

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